• St. Mary's by the Sea is a Christian community
  • that strives to create a sanctuary for ALL
  • seekers and believers alike
  • to come and experience the Love of God through Jesus Christ,
  • to share that love with those around us
  • and in the wider world,
  • and to grow in faith
  • as part of a caring Christian family.
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We are a loving and inclusive community of believers and seekers who know that God is love (1 John 4:16), mercy triumphs over judgement (James 2:13), and being a Christian means living and loving like Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). Come and see!

Week of November 10 , 2019

Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost
Proper 27
The Rev. Victoria Pretti

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Collection for the Diocese of the Bahamas
“Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, contribute to the needs of the saints,
extend hospitality to strangers.”
-- Romans 12:12-13

We’ve all been heartbroken to see the devastation visited upon the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian. As of Friday morning, more than 30 are confirmed dead, with that number expected to rise significantly. Large areas have been completely leveled. Lives, homes, and basic infrastructure have all been destroyed. The blessing of diversity all across our diocesan community also means that the vast majority of our congregations are grieving family members and friends who have been impacted, or have community connections with those whose loved ones have been affected. Bishop Stokes has pledged the support of our Diocese to relief efforts led by the Anglican Diocese of The Bahamas & The Turks and Caicos, and is offering us the opportunity to respond in solidarity by asking congregations to take up a second collection every Sunday in September to benefit storm victims in the Bahamas. Checks should be made out to St. Mary’s (please note: Diocese of the Bahamas in the memo) At the end of the month a check for the total will be forwarded to the Diocesan House which will then be forwarded to the Discretionary Fund for Bishop Laish Zane Boyd Sr. in the Bahamas.

UPDATE: BISHOP STOKES RECENT REQUEST Thanks to your generosity we will be sending a check to the Diocese in the amount of $1431.00 which they will forward to the Diocese of the Bahamas for the relief efforts in the Bahamas & Turks and Caicos.

SINGERS NEEDED The choir is in need of a few singers, especially females (altos and sopranos). If interested, please speak to
JoAnn Roy, our choir director/organist.

SPECIAL THANKS to John Wesson and Rich Wood for cutting and trimming the church lawn all summer


The holidays can be a sad time for many when a number of painful life situations can make parties and joviality difficult for many people. Those looking for comfort, wholeness, and renewal are invited to our Blue Christmas service which will be held on Sunday, December 15 at 4PM. Our worship will be a quieter celebration of Christmas, a time of reflection, meaningful words, and music designed to help each us to feel God’s presence.


Please consider hosting a HOME CHURCH GATHERING. We will bless your home with Love, Laughter, food, scripture and Eucharist. A fun and casual way to worship like the early church did! Please phone the parish office if you plan on attending or for more details. Our next gathering will be at the home of Suzanne Jorgensen on Monday, Dec 2 at 6:30PM

Eucharistic Ministers
are available to bring Communion to those who are not able to get to church for extended periods of time due to illness or mobility issues. We are grateful to Robin Henry for stepping forward to co-ordinate this vital parish ministry. If you know of someone who needs home, hospital, rehab, or nursing home visits, please let us know. If you would like to be trained to participate in this beautiful ministry, please contact Robin or Mother Victoria.

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On Sunday December 1st
our 10 am service will celebrate volunteerism at St. Mary's. We invite everyone who works so hard in any of our outreach ministries to join us for special prayers, music, reflection, and coffee hour goodies. For this hopefully first annual event, we have chosen to especially honor Ms. Lois Lyon, as founding mother of our signature outreach ministry Mary's Table. We are grateful to Lois and to everyone who works so faithfully in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ here at St. Mary's!



Set up for this year’s Thanksgiving Distribution is on November 24 from 2 to 4PM. We need lots of helpers to move heavy cartons and stock tables with enough food for the 225 families that will be attending the event on Monday, Nov 25. Please come on the 24th & help us make this possible. Many thanks. We are also in need of helpers for the Distribution on Monday, Nov. 25 anytime from 9:00AM-1:00PM

ST. GREGORY’S CHRISTMAS DISTRIBUTION of both food and toys, will be held this year on Tuesday, December 17 (home deliveries on the 18th) If you would like to volunteer please come anytime from 9:00AM-1:00PM

Thank you, St. Gregory’s Pantry

ST. MARY’S CHALLENGE A COMPLETE SUCCESS!! We have not only met the challenge, we have exceeded it by $135.00!

2019 Advent Bible Studies
“When you are truly a happy Christian, you are also a Buddhist. And Vice Versa.” p 197 Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh

Lesson #1: Tues, Nov 12, 10:00 AM, Jones Room, The Beginning of Buddhism. Please read “The Agganna Sutta” and Genesis 1:1-3:24.
Lesson #2: Tues, Nov 19, 10:00 AM, Jones Room, Women in Buddhism. Please read “The Songs of the Female Elders” and “The Gospel of Mary”
Lesson #3: Tues, Dec 3, 10:00 AM, Jomes room, Buddhism and the West. Please read “The Smokey the Bear Sutra” and the XIV Dalai Lama’s “Nobel Peace Prize Speech”
Lesson #4: Tues, Dec 10, 10:00 AM, Jones Room, Chronology of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Please read “Budda’s First Sermon” and The Sermon on the Mount/Plain in Matthew 5-7 or Luke 6:20-49.
Lesson #5: Mon, Dec 16, 10:00 AM, Jones Room, watch a PBS film entitled “The Buddha, The Story of Siddhartha”. Please read “Verses of the Dharma” and some of The Book of Proverbs in the HB/OT.
Questions: Andrea Rittenhouse andrea.rittenhouse@verizon.net or phone 732-295-8233
All Buddhist readings and non-canonical Christian readings will be given to you a week ahead except the ones from the Bible
which you can easily find for yourself.

SUNDAY SCHOOL FAMILIES We’re nearing the start of another fun Sunday School year and we look forward to seeing the children of St. Mary’s. Copies of the calendar and registration form are attached here and can also be found at the rear of the church. Please complete the registration form and return to teachers on the first day of class in September (the 15th).

Download Registration Form here


Back in January, at the Annual Meeting, we introduced the St. Mary’s Challenge. The challenge was that if we could raise an additional $5,000 in donations (designated as St. Mary’s Challenge) above our pledged amount of donations, an anonymous donor would match those additional donations dollar for dollar.
We have not only met the challenge, we have exceeded it by $135.00!
As Treasurer, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the challenge. Your generosity has been magnified with the match!



For the Soup Kitchen in Asbury Park. We need a few more volunteers for 1 or 2 Saturday mornings a year. Please contact Laura Grodewald (ldunn06@gmail.com / 732-948-3186) for more information.

Check out our Calendar of Events


Sundays Between Services in the
Jones Room 9 to 9:45 am

Join Us Anytime!

October 6 to December 15
God of Love: A Guide to the Heart of Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Mirabai Starr


Once again this year, the staff at Joan Valentine House has compiled a list of Christmas gift wishes for their 50+ residents. The residents ‘wishes’ are split among several local churches. If you would like to purchase a present(s) for one of the residents, please click here. Each resident has a couple of items listed (clothing, CD’s, books etc.), along with a request for a gift card(s) from any of the local businesses that they frequent here in town (Dollar General, Corner Bagelry, Stop & Shop etc.). The suggested donation for a gift card is $10.00, but any amount will be greatly appreciated. All gifts should be wrapped, tagged and returned to the parish office no later than Sunday, December 15th. Please include gift receipts for clothing so that items that don't fit can be exchanged. If you choose to shop for a resident, please email Cherisse at stmssecretary@verizon.net with their name and I will remove them off the master list. If the name has already been taken we'll get back to you and let you know.

Please click here for the list.
Any questions, please email or give Cherisse a call in the office at 732-892-9254.

Also, if you have a truck or SUV and would be able to help transport the gifts over to Valentine House on Monday, December 16th, please let me know. Thank you so very much to everyone that has offered to shop for a resident.

Mary’s Table Pampered Chef Fundraiser click here

Thank you so much for all you do for this wonderful ministry.
Read more

St. Mary’s 14th Annual Gift Auction

Saturday, February 22, 2020 ~ VFW Adamston Road in Brick
If you would like to put your name on the list and be notified when tickets are available, please contact Cherisse in the parish office with the number in your group.


Traveling for business or pleasure? Please consider bringing home the hotel’s or ship’s toiletries to share with the seafarer’s at SCI. SCI is eager to receive travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion (hand or body), and soap. Unscented items are preferred. Please leave your donations in the kitchen marked for Elaine Long.

Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost
Proper 27
November 10, 2019

O God, whose blessed Son came into the world that he might destroy the works of the devil and make us children of God and heirs of eternal life: Grant that, having this hope, we may purify ourselves as he is pure; that, when he comes again with power and great glory, we may be made like him in his eternal and glorious kingdom; where he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

In the second year of King Darius, in the seventh month, on the twenty-first day of the month, the word of the Lord came by the prophet Haggai, saying: Speak now to Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and to Joshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and to the remnant of the people, and say, Who is left among you that saw this house in its former glory? How does it look to you now? Is it not in your sight as nothing? Yet now take courage, O Zerubbabel, says the Lord; take courage, O Joshua, son of Jehozadak, the high priest; take courage, all you people of the land, says the Lord; work, for I am with you, says the Lord of hosts, according to the promise that I made you when you came out of Egypt. My spirit abides among you; do not fear. For thus says the Lord of hosts: Once again, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all the nations, so that the treasure of all nations shall come, and I will fill this house with splendor, says the Lord of hosts. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord of hosts. The latter splendor of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give prosperity, says the Lord of hosts.

Haggai 1:15b-2:9

As to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we beg you, brothers and sisters, not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as though from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord is already here. Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come unless the rebellion comes first and the lawless one is revealed, the one destined for destruction. He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God. Do you not remember that I told you these things when I was still with you?

But we must always give thanks to God for you, brothers and sisters beloved by the Lord, because God chose you as the first fruits for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and through belief in the truth. For this purpose he called you through our proclamation of the good news, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by our letter.

Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and through grace gave us eternal comfort and good hope, comfort your hearts and strengthen them in every good work and word.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17

Some Sadducees, those who say there is no resurrection, came to Jesus and asked him a question, "Teacher, Moses wrote for us that if a man's brother dies, leaving a wife but no children, the man shall marry the widow and raise up children for his brother. Now there were seven brothers; the first married, and died childless; then the second and the third married her, and so in the same way all seven died childless. Finally the woman also died. In the resurrection, therefore, whose wife will the woman be? For the seven had married her."

Jesus said to them, "Those who belong to this age marry and are given in marriage; but those who are considered worthy of a place in that age and in the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage. Indeed they cannot die anymore, because they are like angels and are children of God, being children of the resurrection. And the fact that the dead are raised Moses himself showed, in the story about the bush, where he speaks of the Lord as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. Now he is God not of the dead, but of the living; for to him all of them are alive."

Luke 20:27-38

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